A Cowgirls Fancy

Friday, February 20, 2009

Here Comes A Bandit!!

ok hows it goin, so today is the first time i have blogged since the ice storm we had...... BUT today was so busy at work but went by fast.. so i get home and were sitting here talking and chris comes in and says i need help i gotta calf coming!!! We all know what that means.... i guess you can just take a look!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

inside figure skating

(Below) is my sister showing you how to do a triple axel ( i think thats what its called) in the living room of my nanny and pa's house... we have the start the leap the landing and the fall... i about fell off the couch laughing.. lol

Ok Let me introduce you to my beautiful Horse.. Dusty She is 20 and still kicking.. In these pictures she is pretty dirty because i have retired her to the pasture with another mare.. they have free range to do pretty much anything they please...Dusty is out in the pasture at my Pa Jack's place with my nanny's horse which is MUCH older than dusty. The two of them remind me of two old ladies in that do everything together and talk about other ppl. LOL

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

only a wedesday

Oooohhh Dear Where do i start... Today I had class which is No big deal i have wonderful classes this semester and get to carpool with my bff Staci. WELL, i went to leave my house this morning and can't find my keys... GRRR by now my a little frustrated but hey i have a spare set... Then my Garage door opener wont work to close the garage. So i get out of my car walk up to the garage click the button again and woo hoo it works so i spin around to go back to my car and it stops and goes back up. I was Standing on the wrong side of the light beam so i thought there was something in the way. so 3 or 4 more tries and it works thank goodness. so i run to my car in the darn cold weather and crank up that heater... I make it to staci's house on time and we make it to the college on time... Then we both realize niether one of us has a pen so we search our purses and its the one day we had cleaned out our purses the day before... So we search the car NO PEN.. Hoping we dont have to take notes we run to class and get into the door as the clock ticks over to 10:00 (sigh of relief) we made it.. I didn't have to take notes in my weight tranning class but sociology was a different story, Luckly i sit by a girl i graduated with and she saved my life and lent me a pen. So after class i return her pen and head out the door to meet staci. We went grabbed a snack and got pens lol... Went to our next class and then went and ran some errands... Then Headed back to her house... I just made it home and now im ready to hit the hay, which that probly wont happen because i need o look some stuff up and get some new songs for my ipod any ideas ?????

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dierks Bently, Brad Paisley, and Darius Rucker Concert

Hey Everyone,

I just got back from a FUN FILLED weekend...lol... I went to a Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, and Darius Rucker concert.It was amazing!!! We were not allowed to take our cameras inside Alltel Arena and as bad as i wanted to i didn't press my luck..lol.. But here are some photos of us getting ready. We got to our hotel early after, being on the road for 3 or so hours we wanted to kinda rest before we went. We made Fun of people on Tv acting all strong (hehe) Jumped on the bed, and finally got ready to go. We put our tanks and t's on then threw on a button up western shirt with our boots and buckles. Then we were off. We caught the trolly 3 blocks down and across the road from our hotel then it dropped us off directly in front of the concert. After the concert we could barley talk but caught the trolly again and went back to our hotel. Somehow we managed to stay up all night and talk about how amazing the concert was.. Ready for the next one whenever that might be...